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To the Sleepy Rhythm of a Hundred Hours (Mostra de Cinema Periférico/A Coruña, Spain) 
June 7. 2014 18:00-

To the Sleepy Rhythm of a Hundred Hours(Mostra de Cinema Periférico/スペイン、ア・コルーニャ)
 2014年6月7日 18:00〜

In southern Ontario, Canada, it is Windsor, the city from which you can see Detroit skyscrapers -across the river- as if they were part of the skyline itself, a real trick that confused even the Queen of England on a visit to the Commonwealth colonies. In this place of extreme weather, endless straight roads and post-industrial air, there takes place one of the most exciting, special and relevant events concerning experimental cinema: the Media City Film Festival. Media City, created in 1994, will be 20 years in 2014, and thanks to a brilliant and daring programme with a life of its own it has become one of the most appreciated art festivals in the world. Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby, the current directors and programmers, have selected an exquisite bouquet that represents the spirit of the Media City. And, by extension, it brings together some of the most fascinating and unique films on earth.

With the colaboration of Media City Film Festival.
Aknowledgements: Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby.

Lunar Almanac
Malena Szlam, Canada, 2013, 16mm, 4 min.
Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth.

Passage upon the Plume
Fern Silva, USA, 2012, 16mm, 6 min.
“Plumes dust the arid land, east to west, shapeshifting as they lift in ascension. Something lowers. An ark ran aground where revolution took root, ropes raise stones in baskets. Hearts heavier and lighter than the feather permitted passage. Tethered or freed, resting from life or dawning anew.” (Charity Coleman)

Peter Hutton, USA, 1975, 16mm, 8 min.
“[Peter Hutton’s] seemingly simple films offer lessons in the art of seeing and fashioning images that make you wonder how anyone could produce something simultaneously so humble and so astounding.” (Tom Gunning)

Menschen am Sonntag
Friedl von Gröller (Kubelka), Austria, 2006-2011, 16mm, 3 min.
“A group of people in a room eating pizza, perhaps having a party. The room is small, denying a sweeping view. Pizza is cut and distributed to the guests and the camera cuts the room and everything in it, all that moves in it, into handy little pieces.” (Sylvia Szely)

Constellations: Schwarzweiss 
Helga Fanderl, Germany/France, Super 8 to 16mm, 15 min.
A selection of Helga Fanderl Super 8mm films, chosen and arranged by the artist for this screening.

Nicky Hamlyn, England, 2007, 16mm, 8 min.
A sequence of twenty three shots of a room occurs four times, twice in colour, twice in black and white. The two colour sequences follow a strict plan and each shot contains a portion of the point of view of its adjacent partners. The second, black and white, pair are freer although they follow the spatial pattern established in the first sequences. The only movement in the film is incidental – clouds seen through a window.

Rocking Chair
Shiho Kano, Japan, 2000, 16mm, 12 min.
The human eye adjusts to the brightness of the light involuntarily, but the camera eye can control brightness freely. The camera eye sees the darkness in the light of day, and can turn dusk into morning sunshine. As the white room gets darker and lighter, the sublimation of form is made visible.

Three Studies in Geography
Neil Henderson, England, 2011, 16mm on digital, 23 min.
Three distinct locations are brought together, encompassing three previously separate films made over ten years. Each location presents a particular balance of land, sky and water: the irrigation canals of South Lincolnshire, a naturally forming jetty on the north coast of Kent, and a circular man-made island off the east coast of England.

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June 02, 2013 17:00-  "Shiho Kano S-8 Film Works"

8ミリフィルム映画祭 2013 春(スペースneo/東京)
『情景』1998年/13分/8ミリ(1999年調布映画祭実験映画コンペティション 奨励賞)
『スチール』1999年/15分/8ミリ(1999年スイス・バイパー国際フィルム&ニューメディア・フェスティバル奨励賞/2000年カナダ・メディアシティ・フェスティバル グランプリ)

20:00〜  大木プログラム1
20:30〜  大木プログラム2

15:00〜  銀鉛画報会最新バージョン
17:00〜  「アッパー高校生とダウナー大学生」
19:00〜  「風流ハードコア」

15:00〜  金井勝セレクション1〜玉野真一作品集
17:00〜  金井勝セレクション2〜狩野志歩作品集


料金:1プログラム 1,000円

東京都千代田区神田小川町2-10-13 御茶ノ水ビル1F
都営新宿線「小川町駅」・千代田線「新御茶ノ水駅」 ・丸ノ内線「淡路町駅」、
B5出口より徒歩1分、 JR「御茶ノ水」駅・聖橋口より徒歩5分
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Japanese Film Festival at SUNYIT
(The Student Center, State University of New York, Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome/NY, USA)
March 02, 2013

Program : Public Space / Private Room
Timescape (Jun Miyazaki, 16 min., 16mm, color, sound, 2001)
Relative Position (Kazuhiro Goshima, 10 min., digital video, color, sound, 2012)
Invain (Kotaro Tanaka, 15 min., digital video, color, sound, 2011)
Witch’s Soup (Tokiko Watai, 8 min., digital video, color, sound, 2009)
Reminiscence (Yuiko Matusyama, 4 min., digital video, color, sound, 2006)
Incense (Shiho Kano, 6 min., digital video, color, sound, 2002)
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Toshio Matsumoto Omnibus Movie Collaboration
November 03-04, 2012
Image Forum (Tokyo, Japan)



1960年代より映像作家として活躍し当時生まれつつあった革新的な映像表現に大きな影響を与えた松本俊夫が、更なる探求に挑む! 共通テーマに基づいて制作された複数の作家によるオムニバスを、各作家の許可を得た上で松本俊夫が過激に解体・再構成。作家のまなざしが渾然一体となった前代未聞のコラボレーション・ビデオ2作品を一挙上映。


11/3(土)15:30/17:45 *特別トークあり

11/3(土) 17:00~(30分予定)
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Toshio Matsumoto Omnibus Movie Collaboration
September 30, October 28, November 11, 2012
Kuma Museum of Art (Japan) 




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